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"Das swedische Label aus Vallentuna, bei dem man via internet hören und beställen kann, kommtmit ihrer zweiten compilation härter als jemals zuvor. Angefangen von krachendem drum ’n’bass über hard acid, rave, detroit techno, und psychedelic trance ist hier alles vertreten, was das kleine Raver Herz höher schlagen lässt. Alle Acts stammen aus Schweden und sind bei uns noch kaum bekannt. Nach erfolgreicher clubtour durch Canada und den Nordosten der USA wird sich das aber whol demnächst ändern. 80 Minuten voll geladener

Härte und Energie lassen einen nicht zur Rhue kommen. Der Style wechselt sich von Stück zu Stück ab (immerhin 14 an der Zahl) und lässt es so auf keinen Fall langweilig werden. Ein wenig werde ich bei Stücken wie "Oddity" von PROXIUM oder amnesias "Get to the bottom", an die gute alte zeit vor 5 jahren erinnert, als alles noch schön und harmonisch und nicht so brachial zerstörerische wie heute war. Scön blubberndes und wabberndes acid verstärkt dieses Gefhül noch und ist demnach für Liebhaber des acid style (und solche, die es noch werden möchten) bestens geeignet. Check it out!"

Frank Leibenzeder, Sub Culture (09/00)



"The swedish label from Vallentuna, where you can order and listen to the tracks via internet comes with their second Compilation harder than ever before. Starting up with banging drum’n’bass over hard acid, rave, detroit techno and psychedelic trance. Everything is on the compilation that is like the Ravers. All acts are from Sweden (I guess) and are not that famous in Germany yet. After a sucsessfull clubtour through Canada and some radio plays in USA this will change very soon.

80 minutes full of strongness and energy won’t let you have a rest. The styles are changing from track to track (14 by list) and so it’s not getting boring at any time. At tracks like "Oddity" of PROXIUM or amnesia’s "Get to the bottom" I’m pretty much reminded on the good old times when everything was so harmonic and nice and not so destroying like it is today. Funny cooking acid in it’s best for people who loves that style or who likes to become a fan of it. Check it out!"

Frank Leibenzeder, Sub Culture (00/09)


I finally received your package with the album compilation "The Second Pulse", and the CD single "Never The Same" from The Mourning After. Many thanks for having sent them to me!

I was more than pleased to have the chance to discover more from Amnesia, Clockforest, and your project File Operation Error, and I was excited to be introduced to the work of Flu, Proxium, Kallegula, Mikrolens, and EricThunberg. This compilation presents great Techno and Drum And Bass tracks! I was surprised to hear Clockforest and Amnesia doing some Drum And Bass, I like it when artists are exploring other avenues, it gives an unique touch to their approach. The remix that Flu did of the song "The Way You Move Me" from The Mourning After, is great! Like I told you, I like when artists combine styles and influences, in this case classic Synth-Pop music with a Drum And Bass twist! I am impatient to play these tracks on my radio show. Once again, thank you immensely for allowing me to play such wonderful music.

Have a good night, and take care of yourself. Kindest regards.

Jean-Francois Fecteau
Le Vestibule (radio show)


"Various: "The Second Pulse" (PULSEWAVE RECORDS)

After nearly 3 years, the electronic music lable Pulsewave Records from Sweden finally presents us with the follow up to the CD compilation "The First Pulse" that allowed us to discover the diverse work of very interesting artists such as Dormant, ARTificial, Asiodiziac, Mnemosyne, File Operation Error, Clockforest, Subconscious Aurists, The Signus, and Juicehead.  "The Second Pulse" continues the exploration of the wide range of Techno music that its predecessor had established; the influences go from Psychedelic, to Trance, to Acid and even Drum And Bass.  The compositions found on this album allow us to go deeper into the musical universe of artists who we had been introduced to on "The First Pulse", and also other acts that include Flu, Proxium, Kallegula, Mikrolens, Eric Thunberg, and Amnesia that has already released a very impressive 7" single entitled "Middle Dist".  The artists from the Pulsewave lable are not afraid to experiment with different styles.  For instance, Amnesia and Clockforest, who usually embrace the intense vibes of Trance, confront us with very particular Drum And Bass tracks, that complete perfectly what seems to be the speciality of Flu.  Let's just hope that we won't have to wait another three years before having the chance to feel the third pulse..."

- Jean-Francois Fecteau
  radio show Le Vestibule


The Second Pulse (Pulsewave Rec) August 22 2000, 06:34 am THE SECOND PULSE - TECHNOLOGICAL BEATS (Compilation - Pulswave Records)

The Second Pulse is a compilation with swedish artists covering styles like acid, d'n'b/jungle, trance etc.

Tracklisting and comment;
1. Flu -Decenial Movement - (180 BPM) Hardfloor sounds over djungle/d'n'b beats giving the track an ambient feel to it.
2. Amnesia - Glu (142 BPM) Goa trance no more no less.
3. Clockforest - Track 1 (140 BPM) Hard techno with that banging metal and mean bass.
4. Proxium - Oddity (141 BPM) Proxium delivers very nice trance. The bass comes at you as a rattling but sleepy cobra.
5. Amnesia - Get To The Bottom (142 BPM) On Hidden Anger Amnesia trance higher tempo than Glu and in a old police movie way stating "One way or another I´m gonna get to the bottom with this".
6. Clockforest - Out of Mind (140 BPM) - Hard and dirty track with some mean 303 arranged in a way that gives a sort of funky vibe to the track.
7. Kallegula - The Law (140 BPM) Deep dinasour stomping kick and then hard stomping beat and bass with RoboCopic "I am the law" on top.
8. Amnesia - Hidden Anger (167 BPM) Bombastic djungle/d'n'b beats mixed with some old Star Trek space ship control sounds.
9. File Operation Error - Acid is not organic (145 BPM) Opening up with some jungle beats and some sonar-like filtered 303 and the juggling some classic beats while twisting that 303 to be as mean as ever.
10. Mikrolens - Globular Cluster (140 BPM) Hard floor beats with metallic sounds and of course a 303.
11. Amnesia - Truncate (137 BPM) The sound of ghost breeze and a weening space ship dog takes you into a hard track that makes you wanna do the horse dance.
12. Eric Thunberg - Bobbling Beat (152 BPM) Soft, melodic and fast.
13. Flu - Gothenburg Massif (192 BPM) - Djungle beats with alien breeze and a cool vocal hook; she says "You think so?", he says "I know so".
14. Clockforest - Itch (130 BPM) A djungle beat made of clicking guns under ambient boat sounds mixed with a soft but itchy 303.

By: Micke       - REACTIVE MUSIC

I particularly like 'pulse 2'. I absoloutly love the track from PROXIUM
(track 4) it's brilliant!

Bill Anakiev (NITE TRAXX - 88.9FM)

"Keep an eye on the future releases from PULSEWAVE RECORDS"