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"On this EP of eight (!) songs the first two tracks are taken up by beats-orientated acid while the rest offers dub-influenced ambient and cool drum'n'bass. Niclas Hall and Mattias kranz, the guys behind "AURISTS" judging by this record, seem to be headed for  a very bright future within dance music. The break on the marvelously lively "Women in white" ia an incredible energy-kick and the beautifully epic "Phoenix" proves that this band can handle their sentemental music as  they do with their more danceable sides. This debut is a masterpiece."

Shadi, ORBIT 5/97


"After having been inspired by the "ORB's" suspended ambient territory, Niclas Hall and Mattias Kranz decided in 1989 to create electronic music. After countless of name changes they finally settled for the name "SUBCONSCIOUS AURISTS". Today the duo is more than just techno and ambient. Elements of jungle and d'n'b are frequently found in the final product.
like the music, the record is full of nuances. It reaches from the nice and cosy "Dark Side" to the agressive "Women in white". The band shows its most energetic side in the haevy techno creation "Missing Time" which gives off some sweet vibes. The range is so wide that the music suits a variety of occasions. with energy and soft fingertip feeling the parts are stirred into a charming mixture. Seen holistically, the duo succeds in balancing between raw-techno and suspended ambient.

Jon Josefsson, ZERO MAGAZINE  -97